View of Teterow © Jana Koch



Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania | 8.600 inhabitants

The Teterow Mill Quarter © Jana Koch
Bergring race Teterow © Daniel Sievers

Welcome to the Bergringstadt Teterow

Teterow is the geographical center of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is embedded in landscape and nature reserves in the heart of the Mecklenburgische Schweiz. The city was founded around 1235 and today belongs to the district of Rostock. Since 1990, the town has grown into a business location for small and medium-sized companies as well as for companies in the biomedical and biotechnology sectors. It is one of the 18 medium-sized centers of the country. Teterow, located at the lake of the same name, is a pearl for tourists. Guests can look forward to vacations and recreation in intact nature. Motor sports fans are attracted by the Bergring - Europe's most beautiful grass racecourse.

City tour Teterow

Discover Teterow on your own with the digital city tour. 13 stations in the city center invite you to explore. Beyond that you find further destinations in the closer surroundings and the districts Teschow, Pampow and Niendorf. At selected stations, you will find an audio guide with exciting anecdotes and funny shield-bearer stories (German only) from the city's history. We wish you a pleasant stay!

Discover Teterow

Please also take a look at our recommendations! Teterow offers you great gastronomy and overnight accommodations, various shopping possibilities and great leisure activities. Here is something for every taste!

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