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Bischof-Theissing-House youth center MV

Koppelbergstraße 15, 17166 Teterow

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General information

The Bischof-Theissing-House - youth center MV is the center for Catholic youth in Mecklenburg. Guests of others or guests without denomination are also welcome. If you are looking for a suitable location for class outings, for meetings or as a seminar centre, you are in good hands here. Modern rooms, seminar rooms, camping site, barbecue hall, open-air stage, recreation rooms and chapel offer plenty of space for experiences, creativity and reflection. For young people there is also a wide range of courses on offer throughout the year. The highlight for many visitors is undoubtedly the TeteRock festival on the last weekend of the summer holidays. Up-and-coming bands then provide a good atmosphere and a lot of music. The spacious play and sports facility with boulder wall, 2 football pitches, volleyball & basketball court, table tennis, playground with cable car, climbing frames, balancing equipment, turntable, 2-person carousel and two-seater partner swing is freely accessible and may also be used by visitors.

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